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Safety and Field Manager & Committee Duties and Guidelines


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Purpose | Organization | Operational Guidelines | Authority

A. Purpose

The Sun City West Safety and Field Manager shall be the single point of contact at Liberty Field on all safety and field condition issues.  The Sun City West Safety and Field Manager shall act as the liaison with the SCWSCC Board on all issues, and shall deal with the SCWRC Ground Crews directly. 

Rec Center Contacts-

Supervisor is Todd Patty -623-544-6145

Head Groundskeeper is Robert Pena 623-680-6540

The purpose of the Safety and Field Manager and Committee is charged with -

a. Safety -

  • Insure that all surfaces are clean and dry to prevent individuals from falling.
  • Insure that all surfaces are free from pointed or sharp edges.
  • Insure that the first aid kit and supplies are full and ready for use.
  • Insure that the AED machine is functional and ready for use, including periodic inspections.
  • Insure that storage areas are clean, neat and uncluttered.
  • Insure that drinking fountains are clean and operational.
  • Insure that all buntings, signs, shades and coverings are in good repair.
  • Insure that all equipment is in good repair.
  • Insure that the clubhouse is clean, neat and properly stocked with forms and documents.
  • Check restrooms to make sure they are unlocked when field is in use, the space is clean, dry and properly supplied.  Report all necessary repairs to the Rec Center immediately.

b. Field and Fan area preparation -

  • Insure that field is ready for play.
  • Insure that bulletin boards are current and updated notices are posted.
  • Insure that refreshments, including donuts, coffee, soft drinks, water and popcorn are ready for game days and events.
  • Insure refreshment areas are clean and secure at the end of the day.
  • Insure that all signage is in good repair and make necessary repairs and/or replacement.
  • Insure that all seating is clean and wiped down prior to games and events.
  • Insure that all walkways and stairs are clean, dry and free of debris and that walking paths remain clear of clutter or trash.
  • Insure food equipment is clean and ready for events, with full propane tanks; food equipment is clean and secured at the end of use.

c. Field and area security -

d. Single point of contact -

e. Maintaining Field Use Calendar and Field Operational logs.

  • Maintain a Field Use Calendar of scheduled events and play at Liberty Field.
    • Periodically insure that all scheduled field use is posted to the www.azsrsoftball.com calendar and bulletin boards. 
    • Send Liberty Field enews email blasts informing the membership of scheduled field use and field conditions.
  • Maintain a Field Operational log.
    • Field Operational log shall contain operations situations that may occur which and not routine.
    • Field Operational log shall contain repairs made, including person making the repairs and the associated costs.


B. Organization

Liberty Field at the Kuntz Recreation Center of Sun City West is the property of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West.  As such the RCSCW has legal responsibility for the area known as Liberty Field.  Liability and property insurance is the responsibility of the RCSCW.

The Sun City West Softball Charter Club has been given the responsibility of managing Liberty Field.  The SCWSCC must obtain permission to make any changes at Liberty Field from the RCSCW Administration. SCWSCC must consult and obtain permission for activities from the RCSCW.  Day to day operations at Liberty Field has been placed in the hands of the SCWSCC as a RCSCW Charter Club.  The current President of the SCWSCC is responsible to the RCSCW Board.

The Safety and Field Manager is appointed by the SCWSCC Board to act on behalf of the SCWSCC on all matters at Liberty Field.  The Safety and Field Manager reports to the SCWSCC and the person appointed by the Board as the person in-charge at Liberty Field.

The Safety and Field Manager assembles individual and groups of volunteers to perform task at Liberty Field.  These volunteers receive direction and scheduling from the Safety and Field Manger.


C. Operational Guidelines


D.  Authority and Reporting

The Sun City West Safety and Field Manager (SCWS&F Mgr) shall have the authority to make decisions which impact the safety, operation, field use and general use of the area known as Liberty Field in the absence of written direction by the SCWRC or SCWSCC Board. The SCWS&F Mgr shall also have the authority to appoint a temporary replacement to act on his behalf, or fill-in when he/she is otherwise unavailable.  The SCWS&F Mgr shall notify the SCWSC Board and Members via the Liberty Field E-NEWS mailing when a temporary replacement has been determined, and the length of time the replacement will be in charge.

In the event that safety equipment is in need of repair or replacement, the SCWS&F Mgr shall have the authority to spend petty cash, or obtain billing permission for the expenditure via the SCWSC Board of Directors or Financial Manager to effect immediate resolution.

The Sun City West Safety and Field Manager will maintain a petty cash fund and responsible for maintaining receipts for audit by the SCWSCC Financial Manager.

The Sun City West Safety and Field Manager shall collect and hold donation funds for coffee, donuts, soft drinks, popcorn and other consumables purchased by the SCWSCC.  He/she is also responsible for maintaining acceptable levels of consumables at Liberty Field with the donated funds prior to a week audit by the Financial Manager. The Financial Manager shall determine the appropriate level of funds to be maintained by the SCW Safety and Field Manager for operations.

The Sun City West Safety and Field Manager shall report on, and make recommendations for all issues related to safety, condition and operation of Liberty Field to the SCWSC Board at the monthly Board Meetings and at all General Membership Meetings.

The Sun City West Safety and Field Manager shall have the authority to send Liberty Field E-News emails as he/she sees fit to keep the membership informed of activities, conditions and news of interest.