Web Contributors

Information / How to

Contribute is a powerful Adobe product that allows individuals to "contribute" to a website.  Contribute Keys are generated by the webmaster to allow access to the website, via Adobe Contribute software.  That access can be restricted to a page or to a folder of web pages, without allowing access to the entire site.

Once a Contribute user has navigated to an accessible page via their browser, and has selected "Edit in Contribute" from the browser menu bar...Contribute will open a draft of the current web page and lock others from accessing or contributing to that page.  When you are finished with additions, deletions, updates or modifications to the page YOU MUST publish the page to have your changes posted to the website.  However, if you are not please with the work you have done you can "DISCARD" the draft and the webpage will remain as before and will no longer be locked to other contributors.

Types of additions.