Article 1 -- General

Section 1A
The organization shall be known as the Sun City West Softball Club.  It is referred to as the "Club".

Section 1B
The purpose of the organization is to promote slow pitch softball for exercise and recreation in an athletic environment designed to sustain a high level of fellowship, sportsmanship, and friendly competition.

Section 1C
These bylaws will fully comply with the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc., Articles of Incorporation, Association Bylaws, and Rules Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs. In the event of a conflict between these Bylaws and the above stated governing documents of the Recreation centers, the Recreation Center documents shall prevail.

Section 1D
This Chartered Club shall be operated as a nonprofit organization in accordance with applicable Arizona and Internal Revenue Tax Exempt Codes, and the Association's Bylaws.

Article II -- Membership

Section II A
Membership shall be open to all members in good standing of the Recreation Centers.

Section II B
There shall be no other precondition for membership, nor will members be required to join any national, state or regionally affiliated organization.

Section II C
Guest Privileges are specified in the Rules, Regulations and Procedures, Chapter 3, Section 2 (a) (b) (c) (d).

Non-Recreation Card Holders may not be given more privileges than a Recreation Card Holder.

Club Guest Privileges are detailed in Appendix IX

Section II D
The amount of dues for each member will be determined annually on the recommendations of the club board and approved by a majority vote of the club members attending the meeting after a quorum has been established. 

Quorum: is the minimum attendance at a club membership meeting necessary to conduct elections, to approve bylaws, to approve budgets or to conduct other business that requires a vote.  A quorum shall be ten (10) percent of the club membership.  However, a quorum requirement cannot be less than 20 members or more than 100 members. 

Section II E -- Other  (e.g., disciplinary actions) - (RR&Ps, Chapter 3, Article I, F, 4) (membership) 
1.    Members who threaten the safety of themselves or others, are abusive, blatantly create turmoil, disruption, or cause dissension among club members, clubs or the Association in general, may have their club membership temporarily suspended (up to two [2] weeks) by the club. Written notice regarding the reasons for a temporary suspension shall be provided to the Recreation Activities Manager within two (2) business days of the temporary suspensions. Termination of a club membership can only occur following a recommendation from the General Manager, for the approval of the Governing Board. Severe cases of adverse behavior, as described above, may be a cause for suspension of Association membership rights and privileges. The following are recommended for club disciplinary actions: 

1.     First Offense - a written warning from the club,

2.     Second Offense - a short-term suspension by the club,

3.     Third Offense - a longer term suspension by the club not to exceed two weeks,

4.     Fourth Offense - longer suspension or termination recommended by Recreation Centers' General Manager to the Governing Board.

Any suspended or terminated club member has the right to appeal to the Governing Board. (RR&Ps Chapter 3, Article I, F, 4).

2.  The membership year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.
Membership requirements include: (a) a signed Registration and Waiver Form and (b) payment of a non-refundable annual membership fee.

Article III - Officers

Section III A - The club board must consist of (at a minimum) four officers; a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

This Club Board (hereafter referred to as the "Board") shall consist of seven (7) members.  Three members will be elected to the Board in odd years and four members will be elected in even years. All Board members shall be elected by the general membership. The Board shall elect from within its ranks a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasure for one year terms. Each may serve a limit of two consecutive terms in these offices.  All Board members have voting rights.

Section III B
Newly elected or appointed officers, within fourteen (14) business days of taking office, shall attest that they have read and understand the Association’s Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs by signing the Form CR-5 (New Club Officers and Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs Affirmation Report) and forwarding it to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager.

1. Board elections will be held annually not later than November 15th by secret ballot of the members. The Board will appoint a nominating committee prior to September 15th comprised of 1 member from the American League, the Central League and the National League. The names of the candidates will be posted on the Liberty Field Bulletin Board no later than October 15th.  The winners will be the candidates receiving the most votes in the election by the membership.  In the event of a tie vote a flip on the coin shall determine the winner.
Section III C - 
The club board shall be elected by a majority vote of those present at the club’s annual membership election meeting after a quorum is established. The elected officers shall serve without compensation.  An officer normally may not serve as an independent contractor.  (RR&Ps, Chapter 4, Article VI, L)

Section III D -
The SCW Softball Club Treasurer will submit the CR 15 membership report to the Recreation Activity Manager by February 1st of each year.

Section III E 
Board members will serve two (2) year terms and may not be reelected until they have been off the Board for one or more years.
A resignation submitted in writing by a Board member becomes effective immediately unless a date and time for it to become effective is specifically noted. In the later case, the resignation may be withdrawn prior to the date stated. A member who has resigned from the Board may only return to the Board by being reappointed to a vacancy or by reelection to the Board.
Individuals appointed to complete less than a two-year term may be elected for an additional term.


Section III F 
1. The President will preside at all meetings. The President shall appoint (with majority approval of the Board), the Chairman of all standing committees and designate Board members who will be an ex-officio member of all Committees except the Nominating Committee, not to exceed one year. He may call Special Meetings and make decisions in emergencies.  The President (with majority approval of the Board) will appoint members to fill unexpired terms.
2.The Vice-president shall serve in the absence of the President. When the need occurs, and in the absence of the President, The Vice-president may call a Special Meeting on the signed request of at least two (2) Board members.
3. The secretary will keep minutes of all meetings, register members, submit attendance records to the Recreation Activities Manager, and take care of all necessary correspondence.
4. The Treasurer will receive all funds, keep an account of funds, and disburse funds approved by the Board. The Treasurer's records may be subject to audit at the discretion of the Board.

Section III G - Impeachment
To impeach an officer or fill a vacancy, Roberts Rules of Order must be followed.  If the impeachment is successful, the election of a new officer must follow immediately.  (Procedure to be used is available from the Recreation Activities Manager on request.) 

Section III H – It is the responsibility of each officer to pass the Rules, Regulations and procedures book on to their successor.

Article IV - Meetings

Section IV A - Frequency of Meetings
The Board shall meet once a month, excluding June, July, and August. Special meetings may be called by the President or by a signed request of 45 members.  A fourteen (14) day notice must be given to all members if a special meeting is called.  

There will be a General Membership meeting held on the first Wednesday in the months of February, April, and November of each calendar year. As required by the Recreation Centers, the Club will have to write a letter requesting a waiver regarding monthly meetings.

Section IV B - Provisions for Calling and Recording Meetings
Minutes will be taken by the secretary to document all business sessions, and approved by the Board. Minutes, as well as other pertinent administrative records, will be retained for a period of three (3) years.

Section IV C - Voting and Quorum Requirements
        1.     Club Board Meetings - A quorum is a simple majority of the board
        2.     Membership Meetings- A quorum is the minimum attendance at a club membership meeting necessary to conduct elections, to approve bylaws, to approve budgets or to conduct other club business that requires a vote.  A quorum shall be 10 percent of the club membership.  However, a quorum requirement cannot be less than 20 members or more than 100 members.  There can be no proxy votes. The required majority must be of those present at a meeting specifically called for such purpose. A simple majority is required for all issues except bylaws. To approve bylaws requires a 2/3 majority. Votes may be by ballot or visual count.
       3.    Club rules require a quorum requirement of not less than 45 members at General Membership meetings to conduct business.                 

Section IV D - Other
Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised most recent edition shall be used for assistance in parliamentary procedures. Bylaws provisions and Special Rules of Order take precedence over Robert's Rules, ie., anything not stated in the Bylaws shall be referred to Robert's Rules for parliamentary rule.

Quorum: is the minimum attendance at a club membership meeting necessary to conduct elections, to approve bylaws, to approve budgets or to conduct other business that requires a vote.  A quorum shall be ten (10) percent of the club membership.  However, a quorum requirement cannot be3 less than 20 members or more than 100 members. 

Article V - Financial

Section V A - Records
Financial records will be retained for a period of seven (7) years (prior to the current year.)

Section V B - Spending
The Club Board shall have the authority to spend money (up to $5,000.00) necessary for the operation of the Club. Spending over $5,000.00 must be approved by a vote of the members. However, in an emergency situation, the President may approve a maximum limit of $500.00. Board approval is required for any amount over $500.00, confirmed by telephone or e-mail by a majority of the Board. Only expenditures of $25.00 or less can be paid by Petty Cash.  RR&Ps Chapter 4, Article V, B 4. 

The PresidentTreasurer and the Finance Manager are authorized to sign checks for the Club. One signature is required for checks under $5,000.00, and two signatures are required for checks of $5,000.00 or more. 

Section V C - No club member shall receive any compensation or financial award from club funds for contributions or service to the club. The only exception is when a member has an independent contractor agreement previously approved by the Recreation Center Activity Manager.

Section V D - Financial records must be audited on a yearly basis by individuals other than those elected to the club board.  The results of the Report of Audit will be presented to the general membership and duly recorded in the applicable minutes of such meeting.  A copy will be provided to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager.   

Section V E - Club Advertising: Any commercial advertising or flyers of club activities must be in compliance with Association policies.

Section V F - Contracts: Any contracts for instructors will be handled in compliance with Chapter 4, Article VI of RR&Ps. Each contract must be renewed on a yearly basis and a copy of each sent to the Recreation Activities Manager for approval.

Section V G - Treasurers responsibility – The Treasurer is required to submit Form CR-7 (Annual Financial Statement) to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager by Feb. 1 for the preceding calendar year.

Section V H –The Safety & Field Manager shall be responsible for inventorying all SCW Softball Club equipment and property and will submit a complete inventory in writing to the Finance Manager for review prior to the SCW Softball Club Secretary submitting the inventory report to the Activities Manager by December 31st of each year.

Article VI - Committees

Section VI A - Appointment
Committees and/or chairpersons may be elected by the general membership or appointed by the club board.  The President shall appoint (with majority approval of the Board), the Chairman of all standing committees and designate Board members who will be an ex-officio member of all Committees except the Nominating Committee, not to exceed one year.

Section VI B - Permanent (standing) committees, at a minimum, will include Safety and Audit.

Section VI C -The Safety and Field Operations Chairman and the Safety Committee shall monitor and stop any activity which in their opinion is considered unsafe.  All safety violations will be reported to the appropriate League Committee Chairperson and the SCW Softball Club Board for further action (minimum notification of the President and Vice President).  The Safety and Field Manager are guided by the Safety and Field Operations Guidelines.

Section VI D - The duties of the Audit Chairman/Committee are further defined in the Audit Committee Guidelines.  The audit committee shall be comprised of three (3) members appointed by the Club Board.  A Club audit will be conducted in December of each calendar year and a report given to the Club Board prior to the January Board Meeting. The audit committee will not be comprised of any current Board Member. Results of audit performed will be archived with the Audit Committee Guidelines for a minimum of 10 years.

Section VI E - Permanent Committees
Permanent standing committees, at a minimum, will include the following:

1.  American League                     6.  COED League                          11. Field Maintenance                    16. Special Events

2.  Central League                         7.  70’s League                             12. Information Technology

3.  National League                       8.  Angels in the Outfield             13. Membership

4.  Women’s League                     9.  Audit                                         14. Uniforms

5.  Summer League                       10. Finance                                  15. Sponsors & Advertisers

Article VII - Amendments 
To amend the bylaws of this club requires a two-thirds vote of the membership present at a meeting specifically called for such purpose, a quorum being present.  Procedures for filing amendment(s) are as follows:

        1.     The Recreation Centers’ Recreation Activities Manager shall review the proposed amendments prior to submittal to the club Membership.

        2.     Proposed amendments shall be well publicized to the membership one (1) month prior to the vote.  All amendments must be voted upon and approved by a quorum of the membership.

        3.     A complete revised set of the club’s bylaws will be submitted to the Recreation Centers’ Recreation Activities Manager for final review.  The amended bylaws require the approval of the Recreation Centers’ General Manager prior to implementation.  The results and date of the membership vote should be duly noted on the submittal document.

Supplemental Section - Teams Composed of Sun City and Sun City West Players

Section SS VII A - League Play
Teams for league play may be drawn from a combined player pool of both the Sun City and Sun City West Clubs.

Section SS VII B - Non Club Members
Since regular use of the Sun City West Facilities by non-club members (e.g. Sun City Players) conflicts with the Rules, Regulations, and Procedures, chapter 3, paragraph II. E, "Preamble ", a valid waiver is required from the RCSCW Governing Board in paragraph II, F, 1-6 of the RR&P's.  This waiver shall continue on an on-going basis, or until the Sun City West Softball Chartered Club Members at a General Membership Meeting have a majority vote to discontinue play with non-club members. Sun City players may not be members of SCWSCC and therefore are not required or entitled to vote.  The Recreation Centers of Sun City West have defined comingle play. 

Section SS VII C - Membership Meetings
The membership meeting wherein the vote on joint play is taken shall not be held in the months of June, July, or August. Such a meeting shall have a quorum in accordance with Article 4, Section C, of these bylaws. In the event that a quorum is not present, the vote shall be deferred until the next called membership meeting. If that meeting also fails to draw a quorum, the waiver shall automatically be terminated without recourse.

Section SS VII D - Governing Board
The Governing Board of the RCSCW may revoke the waiver whenever it deems it in the best
interest of the Club.

Section SS VII E – League Banquet/Hall of Fame 
League Banquet/Hall of Fame Sun City West Club to host on even years, Sun City Club to host on odd years. 
1. All Team sponsors should be invited to the League Banquet. 

2. Team Pictures should be scheduled by the host club and available to give to team sponsors at League Banquet. (If sponsor unavailable, team picture should be delivered to sponsor by Club sponsor representative.) 

3. Sponsors should be asked to participate in team pictures. 

Section SS VII F – Team Sponsors 
Each Club Board is responsible for team sponsors. 

1. Team sponsors will continue on a 2/3 Sun City West, 1/3 Sun City split. 

2. If a sponsor should elect to discontinue sponsoring a team, it will be the responsibility of whichever Club secured that sponsor to get a new sponsor. 

3. If fewer teams are needed, then the last asked to sponsor a team will not be used (last in first out). Should teams go back to original count, that sponsor should be asked to re-sponsor a team. 

4. Each Club has the responsibility to bill team sponsors for yearly renewal.

Article VIII - Dissolution
Prior to Club dissolution (after all debts are satisfied), all property and assets shall be turned over to the Recreation Centers.


Signed: _____________Craig Hone______________________________________


Craig Hone - President


Approved Date: ______4-11-18_______________________________ 






Signed : __________________________________________________


Mike Whiting - General Manager xx