azsrsoftball database

Information and Use

The azsrsoftball database is a customized SQL database which operates on a SUSE Linux OS server hosted by Spectrum Group, Inc in redundant server farms.  Access to the database can be performed from any device that can access the internet.  No software is needed for a device to access the database, just a device that has a browser.  The database was designed to meet criteria developed in 2008/2009 by the American and National League committees of the Sun Cities Senior Softball League.

Access to the database is granted after completing a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once access has been approved and granted, the user must enter a USER ID and PASSWORD to authenticate themselves to the system.  In additon to gaining access to the database, it is necessary to be assigned PRIVLEGES, via Access Groups, based on the needs of the user. Users will be resticted to what they can view, add, delete or modify base on need...and will be resticted from all other areas of the database.