The Sun Cities Senior Softball League was formed to allow the Sun City Softball Club and Sun City West Softball Club to comingle and enjoy the experience of senior softball within the two Del Webb communities.  Three Leagues play as part of the SCSSL; the American League, Central League, and the National League.  Other organized play, also known as Leagues, play with the approval of the Softball Club that governs the field on which they play.  We also share inter community sports with other senior communities.


The Sun Cities Senior Softball League (SCSSL) is made up of men & women players from the Sun City Senior Softball Club  and the Sun City West Softball Club members . We play year round, and from October thru April we have 26+ teams and 300+ players. During the summer there are about 12 teams playing over the three summer sessions. Games are played at both the Sun Bowl Field in Sun City and Liberty Field in Sun City West. The American, Central, and National League Committees are responsible for the day to day operation of the leagues.

If you live in Sun City you must belong to the Sun City Senior Softball Club, or If you live in Sun City West you must belong to the Sun City West Softball Club.  The American League, Central League, and National League each have their own Committees that coordinate the teams, managers, rules, guidelines and their league play. 

We have provided Contact Information for ALL of the various aspects of our Clubs, Leagues and our fields as a reference.

You must sign a waiver of liability to play on either field.  Open practice (for club members) at both the Sun Bowl and Liberty Field are available. Please check with your respective community.  On Mondays at 8:30 am at the Sun Bowl there is the "Green Team" which is organized for new players.

The Sun City West Softball Club hosts a number of benefit events throughout the year.  The Bill Bromley Cardiac Kids Tournament  and the States Games were created to benefit the Heart Association and support our local Possee. The SCSSL has an Angels in the Outfield auxiliary that keeps us informed about our fellow players, and their spouses, who have health issues.  The SCSSL also has a great food drive that lasts for months.  The SCSSL also recognizes players who have gone above and beyond the norm when it come to the club, by electing them to the SCSSL Hall of Fame.

As a current REC Card and Softball Club member (Sun City or Sun City West) you are also eligible to play in other sanctioned leagues as well. There is a Friday Co-Ed League that plays on Fridays at Liberty Field starting at 10 AM.  There is a Women's League and a 70's League that play on Saturdays. The West Valley League has two levels of play for those who want to experience playing with other senior communities in the area, such as Pebble Creek, Sun City Festival, Sun City Grand, Pueblo El Mirage and Traditions. If you are an advanced player who is eager to participate on a traveling tournament team, you can try out for the Sidewinders (a Del Webb founded tournament group who play 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 divisions in tournaments around the country).

Warm up, Warm up, Stretch, Stretch.
So you haven't played since college or even high school. You had that nice comfortable job behind a desk for all those years. Now you have retired and want to get involved in all those activities you did as a youngster. Well bucko let me tell you, you are probably out of shape. You need to get into some sort of exercise program; walking, stretching and running short distances, like say 65 feet. You are welcome to come out and practice. Take your time. No need to show all of your good stuff yet. Get out and do a lot of throwing of thee ole softball around. We have all you need at the field; balls & players to throw with. All you need to do is go out and buy all that new stuff. A bat, a glove and shoes with rubber or molded cleats. We don't want you slipping out there on the field. Uniforms will be provided with your club fee. You get a lot for your buck here. When your out at practice ask if you might try some of the bats the other players have. Check them out and find one that feels good to you. They can be expensive so take your time. Before you purchase your new bat check the ASA Approve list to be sure the model is listed. Shoes and gloves can be purchased at any major sports store or online. 

Oh, one more thing, keep checking this website for the latest news.

About the USE of Phone Numbers on Rosters

Since July of 2009 the IT Committee has been making changes to improve and enhance electronic communications and notifications methods.  The IT committee has looked long and hard at publishing phone numbers on rosters, and explored the legalities and misconceptions over phone numbers and email addresses.  Previous methods were viewed as unsatisfactory as it was possible for crawlers and sniffers to electronically find and associate names with phone numbers, as a possible method of obtaining personal information without your knowledge, even though this information is easily found on the internet.  So, we developed a method that does not allow electronic capture and association of your name, phone number and email information.  That is the method we are currently using on www.azsrsoftball.com.

Both Sun City and Sun City West Softball Clubs have updated their respective wavier forms and have had members sign a new wavier form disclosing that we would publish some of the information from your data sheets on the azsrsoftball.com website.  The waiver also included items needed by the clubs and the association that would NOT be published. 

IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR PHONE NUMBER PUBLISHED ON THE ROSTERS...contact your league committee chairperson!  They will move your phone number in the database so that it does not appear on the rosters.  Please do not contact the Presidents...contact your league administrator.

Email and the use of email addresses has been reviewed by the IT Committee in an effort to improve notification and communications with all club members.  A number of notifications groups have been used by our clubs to improve the E-News notifications.  The Liberty Field Manager and Angels in the Outfield have also started using group email notifications.  Modifications to both the American and National Leagues databases have allowed for increased communications with players in both leagues.  Further improvements and notifications are being refined to streamline communications and insure notifications in a timely manner.

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