National League                                                               April 3,2018

It’s the end of the Spring session, our newest sponsor Sun City Collectables won the league with rookie manager Keith Britton at the helm and John Doherty, Jay Finlay, Cindy Gilbert, Nick Gregos, Ron Mysel, James Porter, Deborah Scales, Jim Sundberg, Ron Westbrook and Ben Zeppa all singing “we are the champions, we are the champions...”  Congratulations.

We ended the session on a high note for everyone, I think, with our One-Pitch Tournament and Picnic.  More congratulations to Tom Balfe and his #7 Green Team for winning the eight team single elimination tournament.  Many thanks to the people who helped put this together. John Dewy, field prep all season and score keeping all day today.  Running the food and clean up Kathy Hardin, Joe Emmons, Sharon Bergstresser and Bob Freeland.  To all the umpires, Jim Porter, Ken Coplen, Tony Sevier, Mel Adema, Bev Burger, Arnie Rehmann (twice), Joe Emmons, Chuck Schwendeman (three times), Bill Schwingendorf, Fred Mingo and Bill Hardin.  To Leo Zinn and Bill Hardin for all the unseen hours prepping for this event.  Special thanks to Dennis Farrar for a whole season on music and announcing as well as all day today.  And especially to Wendy Geiwitz who spent hours over that hot as heck BBQ and made me look good by not burning the hot dogs.  If I missed anyone or forgot you I apologize. 

If we don’t see you in Summer 1 I hope to see you in the Fall Session.  Thanks everyone.