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The National League exists to provide an opportunity to play recreational softball, and at the same time, maintain a reasonable degree of competitiveness. Participation is open to all qualified residents of Sun City and Sun City West. The league is to promote safe and organized play consistent with league rules.    Providing a high degree of player sportsmanship , camaraderie and enjoyment.




The National League Committee will act as the spokes group for the National League. They will supervise and control activities that are only related to the National League. They will provide leadership and direction for the National League. They will maintain effective line of communication between all persons and groups that are involved in the day to day operations of the league.




A. The National League Committee will be comprised of (6) members

B. The six members will include two Sun City representatives , two Sun City West representatives, a Chairperson and an IT representative. The representatives from Sun City and Sun City West will be one manager and one player each

C. The designated Chairperson will be accepted by the committee members.

D. Committee members must have at least (2) years of Sun Cities Senior Softball League experience as a player . To hold a manager representative  position, they must have national league manager experience .

E. Appointment term limit is (3) years.

F. A unanimous vote by the committee can be used to retain a member at term limit.

G. New members will be selected by the other (5) committee Members.

H. Committee members who are unable to complete the three year term may be replaced by a new member who will finish the term. Replacement members must meet all committee member requirements.

I. The National League reserves the right to add committee members as deemed necessary by the committee.

J. The committee shall schedule meetings to resolve disagreements with either the Central or American leagues as necessary. They will also schedule discussions with Club Presidents to work out the issues as necessary.

K. Should the National League Committee have an irresolvable problem with another league the issue will be forwarded for resolution to the Sun City and Sun City West  Club presidents .




A. Brief the Sun City and Sun City West Softball Clubs Board of Directors.

B. Conduct player surveys to collect player availability data.

C. Determine number of teams for each session.

D. Coordinate player assignment or draft to establish team rosters.

E. Publish team rosters and schedules.

F. Assign returning and new players to teams after original team rosters are completed.

G. Establish, publish and enforce rules.

H. Define manager duties.

I. Maintain a current National League player data base and player roster.

J. Provide information to press and Angels of the Outfield.

K, Schedule managers’ meetings to provide input and gather comments.

L. Review incidents of player violation and disputes.

M. Implement disciplinary action and appraise Sun City and Sun City West boards.

N. Act as point of contact to coordinate and select National League teams for tournaments .

O. Publish and post information on bulletin boards and web sites.

P. Use agreed to methodology to initially rate and thereafter review ratings of all active National League players at or near the conclusion of fall, spring and summer sessions ( player rated 7,8 or 9).

Q. Act as the spokes group for the National League on all official discussions.







Committee Members

                                                Term expires                                       Term expires

Bill Goldspink                          Dec 31,2018           Dennis Farrar       Dec 31,2020

Leo Zinn                                  Dec 31,2018           Bill Vonasch          Dec.31, 2019 

Bill Hardin                               Dec 31 2018            Tom Adamack       Dec 31,2020

Arnie Rehmann                      Dec.31, 2019




Bill Goldspink-Chairperson National League-schedule committee activity, manage player data and assignments, be communication focal point and maintain coordination with other softball club functions.(abstains from voting).

Leo Zinn- Manage the National league data base , Provide accurate information for the assignment of players to a team, Report league activity and scores -for the sponsors, Coordinate with the IT  committee and   Provide the tie breaking vote on the board

Dennis Farrar -Sun City West Manager representative, Player evaluation, Assist green team activity, Tournament coordinator.

Bill Hardin -Sun City Manager coordinator, Player evaluations, New player and green team coordinator, Represent managers view on issues.

Bill Vonasch -Sun City Player coordinator, Angels in the Outfield coordinator , Player evaluation, Sponsors , Rules and umpiring, Represent player positions on issues.

Tom Adamack - Sun City West player coordinator, Tournament coordinator , Player evaluation, Sponsors , Player statistics and Represent players view on issues.

Arnie Rehmann -Sun City Manager Representative.  Represent managers view on issues.




A. Schedule committee and manager  meetings.

B. Guide toward compliance with National League Committee mission compliance.

C. Supervise team selection process.

D. Establish the agenda for committee meetings.

E. provide direction and supervision for all league functions.

F. Report any problems that are not a function of the National League Committee to  the appropriate Sun City or Sun City West Board or responsible committee.


National League IT Representative Duties


A. Post Information on the data base , web site and Bulletin boards.

B. Publish team rosters.

C. Publish game schedules with instructions(field preparation ,umpires/scorekeepers responsibilities , Time limits , equipment storage , courtesy runners and substitution rules).



Duties ;


A. Receive information concerning tournament issues.

B. Provide data to national League Committee on available tournament for players in this league to determine interest.

C. Post notices of approved tournaments on bulletin boards to gather player interest.

D. Coordinate formation of teams for tournament play.


NATIONAL LEAGUE COMMITTEE: Angels in The Outfield Coordinator Duties;


A. Notify all team managers about the Angels in the Outfield program.

B. Receive information from managers about players’ serious injuries or hospitalization . Send data to Angels in the Outfield personnel.

C. Coordinate the  sending of appropriate card if necessary




A. Establish line of communication with Daily Sun News.

B. Work with scorekeepers to document an accurate account of the game.

C. Appoint league reporter.

D. Work with the league reporter to help get game scores and summaries to the newspaper


NATIONAL LEAGUE COMMITTEE: Rules Coordinator Duties;


A. Spokesperson for National League on all matters pertaining to rules.

B. Interpret SSUSA and National League Rules.

C. Recommend any rules change to the National League Committee.

D. Publish rules ,to include posting rules on web site(

E. Instruct National League Managers about the rules and the correct interpretation.

F. Observe league play on a game to game basis to encourage players and managers to follow the rules.

G. Work with umpires on an as needed basis.

H. Work with other committee members to help insure we stay a recreational league.


NATIONAL LEAGUE COMMITTEE: Green Team Coordinator Duties;


A. Organize and establish Green Team practices.

B. Introduce all new players to rules and procedures.

C. Insure that all new players attend two(2) Green Team practices before being placed on a team in a league.

D. Assist in evaluating new players for league placement.




A. Survey each player prior to the end of the current session to determine who will be available to play at the start of the next session. Determine what position each player wants to play, Survey will be done prior to fall, spring and summer sessions .

B. Post notices on bulletin boards and web site to collect names of players who were not included in the session surveys. Incorporate any new and returning players who are not on a current roster.

C. Start surveys and post notices two games before the end of each session.

D. Players are responsible for notifying National League Committee of their availability.

E. Determine the number of league teams. This will be based on the total number of players available . ( assume balanced leagues)

F. Assign players to teams using one of the following formats

            1. National League Committee will assign players to teams using current rosters, surveys , committee notifications, ratings and National League Team Selection chart.

            2.A draft of the teams by managers  to select a specified number of each rating. Managers will be provided a list of available players. The list will include name , rating, preferred position , data base number and phone number.

G. Committee will not assign players not physically present for the first game of the session. Players who are not present at the start of session will be placed in a placement pool and assigned to teams on a first back basis as vacancies occur.





A. Attend scheduled managers meetings. Relay player concerns to the committee by contacting player representatives..

B. Issue team jerseys at the start of a session and collect from players at the end of the session.

C. Make sure players wear proper uniforms and jerseys.

D. Advise new players about the list of banned bats.

E. Appoint an assistant in the event you are absent.

F. Understand the rules of league play.

G.  make sure that players on your team understand and abide by the rules.

H. Complete your team line-ups and obtain substitutes according to league rules.

I. Present line-up to scorekeeper and opposing manager.

J. Designate players needing runners during the game according to the rules.

K. Maintain a schedule of your players for umpiring and scorekeeping duties. Assure those assigned are proficient at these tasks.

L. assign players to prepare the field when you are the first game Home Team.

M. Assign players to secure the field when you are the last game Home  Team.

N. Review score sheets after games to assure accuracy and completeness. Document the highlights of the game for the Important News Release.

O. Report all serious player injuries or hospitalization to the Angels in the Outfield. The manager is responsible for filling out the Incident report for the Recreation center .

P. report to the National League Committee any player violations or incidents worthy of disciplinary action.

Q. Notify your team players in the event of a cancellation or scheduled change.

R. Report any change in player status to a National League Committee member .

S. Present necessary communications to players and collect the necessary data or money for these special events and return to the responsible person.

                        1. Rating sheets efforts

                        2. Picture requests

                        3. Event tickets

                        4. Surveys

                        5. Rules changes or explanations

                        6. Player placement

                        7. League training

                        8. Statistics


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