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Web pages are changed and modified with the approval of the SCW IT Committee using Adobe Contribute for the Dreamweaver developed site.  Adobe Contribute keys are issued based on approval by the SCSSL Web Administrator.  Web page users must have a valid version of Adobe Contribute installed on their computer in order to access, change, modify or expand web page content.  Some links exist between the SCSSL database and the website. Website users must be trained prior to being granted access via an Adobe Contribute key.

The database used by the Sun City Senior Softball League was originally designed to specifically work for the Sun Cities Senior Softball League's American and National Leagues.  Club member records are stored in the Club Member channel of an online SQL database operating on SUSE Linux Servers hosted by Spectrum Group.  The working agreement is an annual agreement between Spectrum Group and the Sun City West Softball Club.  Spectrum Group hosts both the database and the website for the Sun City Senior Softball League (comprised of the Sun City Softball Club and the Sun City Softball Club).

The SCSCL database is hosted at  The database is browser accessed and you must have a USER ID and PASSWORD to access the database. Users must also have a Database User form completed and on file with the SCW IT Committee. Appropriate access will be granted once the form is completed and on file.  Access is restricted and is based on the needs of the user.  1048 user levels are currently programmed giving the system a wide range of privileges and restrictions.  User receive their USER ID and PASSWORD automatically when access has been programmed.  Other users, with the appropriate privileges, can send you your password should you forget it (these users do not see your password).  Some training is required, although SQL database users will find the programming and form structure intuitive. Users must agree to a user license agreement to use the program, which includes not sharing their USER ID or PASSWORD.  Click here to |LOGIN|

C5i programming was used to develop the database.  C5i is a Spectrum Group proprietary Linux programming language developing in C. The database contains no confidential information, but he data is considered sensitive and therefore users must agree to keep the data private and confidential.  Users also agree not to duplicate, replicate or use or sell any of the azsrsoftball data.

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