Date Approved:

Pending 3/5/2012 Board voting


Hall of Fame Selection Committee Guidelines


Revised 02/06/2010

Previous Guidelines



A. Purpose

This is an opportunity for members of the Sun Cities Softball League to step up to the plate and recognize their fellow members who unselfishly gave of their time and talents for the betterment of the League.  Selection into the Hall of Fame should be based on their overall achievements and contributions to the League.

B. Organization

  1. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee consists of seven voting members, four from the Hall of Fame and three from the League.
  2. Members of the prior year Hall of Fame Selection Committee will choose four Hall of Fame members for the new Selection Committee and appoint a new Chairman of the Selection Committee.  All members will serve one year.
  3. The Chairperson oversees the appointment of three non Hall of Fame members from the League.  Each of these three must have paid dues for a minimum of five years.
  4. The majority decision of the Committee on selecting inductees into the Hall of Fame will be final.

C. Eligibility

  1. Any past or present member who has been a member of the League for a minimum of seven full years as of 12/31 may be nominated. 
  2. Membership does not have to be continuous.

D. Nominations

  1. Nominations may be made by any past or present member of the League.
  2. Members of the Selection Committee may not nominate a candidate.
  3. Nomination forms will be available by the Selection Committee to all members during the year.  They may be obtained from your manager, Selection Committee members, the Club house, the Newsletter or our website.  Nominations will be closed on January 20.
  4. Each form should include reasons why the nominee should be inducted.  It should include whether they managed or not, boards they served on and special accomplishments for the league.  The Selection Committee is responsible for verifying all information provided and any additional accomplishments which may not have been provided on the nomination form.
  5. Nominations from prior years will be considered as well as current nominations by the committee.  Nomination forms will expire if the nominee is not re-nominated fro 7 years.  Before the nomination is dropped, the person nominating the member will be contacted to see if they wish to re-nominate that member.

E.  Number of Inductees Per Year

  1. A minimum of one individual will be selected.  The Committee will determine the maximum number to be chosen each year.

F. Announcement

  1. Inductees will be announced by the Hall of Fame Chairperson at the Annual Banquet.
  2. Inductees are not to be announced prior to the Banquet.