Revision 11 November 2016

Vision: An equal balance of women and men

Code of Ethics: To conduct ourselves as ladies and gentlemen; And at all times to do the right thing.


A. Officers:

1. Chair-shall hold 3 meetings a session. One before season starts and  January and March. Obtain current player ratings , determine field safety conditions (& advise managers) and be liaison to the SCW Club Board.

2. Secretary - shall keep a record of the meetings and email minutes to managers.

B. Secretary, Placement Committee: Chair and two (2) non managing representatives from separate teams; all managers must be notified of the choices made by the Director.

1. Shall strive for equal numbers of men and women on teams

2. Shall select/approve new or replacement managers.

3. Shall maintain a Placement List and fill team vacancies.

a. Shall verify ratings and request position preferences from prospective players.

b. Shall list new players for one week before placement, and advise managers.

c. Shall give couples and women priority for placement.

4. Shall maintain a Sub List to indicate players who wish to sub only

5. Shall allow trades between teams if all individuals/managers agree.



A. Follow ASA, SSUSA and National League rules, subject to Coed League modifications.

B. Roster min. 11 - max. 13

C. Games

1. If first game is cancelled due to adverse conditions, all games will be cancelled.

2. Times 9, 10:15, 11:30

3. Seven innings (exception: see Mercy Rule, Sec 2-C-14)

4. Four runs per inning, last inning unlimited.

5. No Infield Fly

6. Men will use 12" and women will use 11" ball.

7. 130' arc shall be utilized in the outfield and all fielders (including rover) must stay behind it until the ball is hit.

8. Pitching screen optional; must step behind after pitch or DELAYED DEAD BALL is called. Penalty: If batter does not swing, a BALL will be awarded, even if it hits the plate. If batter hits the ball, s/he has the option of taking either the outcome of the play or a BALL.

a. Pitcher may play defensively from that position.

b. Batted ball hits screen = STRIKE, second time or 3rd strike = OUT

c. Thrown ball into screen is live ball (whether screen is on or off playing field).

9. Batter has full strike/ball count, third strike foul is OUT.

10. Courtesy Runner (CR) may run twice per game, only after batter has reached first base.

a. Team is allowed three (3) batters needing CR (plus 10b)

b. Pitcher who needs to put on protective gear may also request a CR.

c. Women run for women, men for men.

11. Walks a. Any walk to a male (who is followed by a female batter) results in a 2 base award with the woman having the option of walking.

12. Flip Rule a. If VISITOR is ahead by 3 runs in the 6th, after three (3) outs the HOME team will clear the bases and bat again. b. If no runs are scored, the game is over. If HOME team ties or goes ahead, visitors will bat.

13. Tied games will stand as played.

14. Mercy Rule a. If team is ahead by 12 runs after 6 innings the game is over. b. 5 ½ innings if home team is ahead.




B. Officiating: (two (2) umpires, one (1) scorekeeper.

1. Home team of game two (2) officiates first game.

2. Visitors first and second games officiate following games.

C Last game: HOME TEAM SECURES FIELD, stores equipment, locks shed and clubhouse.



A. Shall approve any new or replacement manager(s).

B. Shall submit name of prospective players to chair.

C. Must file incident reports for injuries.

D. All managers (or their Rep) must attend all meetings



A. Are co-mingled and play at SCW. With the addition of a 3rd league scheduling adjustments are made.

B. Before team assignment, any un-rated players must attend 1 - 2 Green Team sessions.

C. Rosters (will show the rating of each player)

1. Women may not bat back-to-back.

2. If team strength is 11, but 3-female minimum can't be met, the team must play short-handed with an OUT(s) for each missed at-bat.

3. Team that can field 11 players (including required 3 women) cannot pick up subs. (If no one can/will pitch, a sub pitcher may be used) Same level or lower.

4. All players must play 5 innings by end of 6th inning.

5. Open to Central & National Leagues and women, (who must be rated).

6. No penalty against a player who quits, is asked to leave by a manager, transfers or is traded.

7. Three women on field at all times.

8. Batting line-up alternating man/woman or woman/man until all woman have batted. Then two men can bat in succession.



A. Must be on Sub/Placement list for one week before subbing or being assigned to a team.

B. Eligible only from (1) Coed Sub List, (2) Placement List or (3) other Coed teams.

C. May bat anywhere in the lineup.

D. Male for male, must be equal or lower rating

E. Female for female, ratings do not apply.

F. Roster Players (including bye team) and sub players may play 3 times per week.

G. Pitchers: Must be rated same level or lower.



A. Matching uniforms - shorts/pants/hats, either club-issued or player-purchased.

B. Club sponsored jerseys.