Approved: January 15, 2018

Vision: An equal balance of women and men

Code of Ethics: To conduct ourselves as ladies and gentlemen; And at all times to do the right thing.


The Coed League will be governed by SSUSA rules except as modified.

(If appropriate, will utilize the ASA rules for clarification of SSUSA rules only).


The Coed League will be composed of players from Sun City West and Sun City Softball Clubs.

 Coed League Committee Mission Statement:

The Coed League Committee will represent and be the spokes group for the Coed League. The committee will supervise and manage all activities related to the Coed League. The committee will provide leadership and direction for the league and maintain an effective line of communication between all persons and groups involved in the day to day operations of the Coed League.

 Coed League Structure:

A.  The Coed League Committee will be comprised of five (5) members, (The Chairperson and four members).

B.  The Chairperson of the Co-Ed committee shall be appointed by the Sun City Senior Softball League President. The Chairperson shall serve at the discretion of the League President and until he or she decides to resign or is removed by the SCSL League President.

C.  The Chairperson shall appoint a four-person committee.  Committee members will be presented to the Sun City Senior Softball League Board for final approval.  Committee members may serve until he or she decides to resign or is removed by the Chairperson with approval by the SCSL League President.

D.  The Chairperson shall appoint a Secretary responsible for meeting minutes and maintaining all records relative to the Co-Ed League

E.  The Chairperson of the Coed League is prohibited from being a team manager while serving in that capacity.

Coed League Committee functions and duties:

  • Attend Sun Cities Senior Softball Board meetings and report coed league activities to and update the Board on issues relative to the operation of the coed league.
  • Conduct player surveys and collect player availability data.
  • Determine the number of teams for each session and select players as per the player placement process.
  • Place all players in an A, B or C category depending on rating.
  • Organize and implement a team drafting process for the fall session and if appropriate the spring session.
  • Prior to the draft, box all pitchers so each manager will be able to select a designated pitcher.
  • Prior to the draft, box all female participants rated in the A category to ensure team equality in the selection process.
  • Publish team rosters and schedules.
  • Assign returning and new players to teams after original team rosters are complete.
  • Establish, publish, and enforce all rules.
  • Select team managers as per the Coed League manager selection process.
  • Maintain an up to date Coed League master player roster.
  • Provide information to the press and to Angels in the outfield.
  • Schedule managers meetings to solicit manager input.
  • Publish and post league information on bulletin boards and the web site.
  • In general, represent all aspects of Coed League functions.

 Coed League Play:

A.  The Coed League will follow ASA and SSUSA Central and National League rules, subject to revisions by the Coed League Committee specific to the operation of the Coed League.

B.  The team rosters shall consist of a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 13 players.

C.  Rules Governing Games.

1.  If first game is cancelled due to adverse conditions, all games will be cancelled.

2.  Times 9, 10:15, 11:30

3.  Seven innings (exception: see Mercy Rule) Time limits on games will be at the discretion of the Coed League Committee.

4.  Four runs per inning, last inning unlimited.

5.  No Infield Fly rule.

6.  Men will use 12" and women will use 11" ball. A new game ball of each size will be used for each game.

7.  A 130' arc shall be utilized in the outfield and all fielders (including the rover) must stay behind it until the ball is hit.

8.  Use of a pitching screen is optional and must be positioned 15 feet in front of pitching rubber. The pitcher will then deliver his/her pitch over the screen.

        a. Pitcher may play defensively from that position.

        b. A ball hit into the screen will always be considered a DEAD BALL.

        c. A Ball thrown into screen is live ball (whether screen is on or off playing field).

9.  A Batter with a full strike/ball count, third strike foul is OUT.

10. Courtesy Runner: (CR) may run any number of times but just once per inning, and only after a batter has reached first base. A pitcher who needs to put on protective gear may also request a CR.

11. Walks:  A walk of a male batter (followed by a female batter) results in a 2 base award with the female then having the option of walking.

12.  Flip Rule

a. If the VISITOR is ahead by 3 runs in the 6th inning, then after three (3) outs, the HOME team will clear the bases and bat again.

b. If no runs are scored, the game is over. If HOME team ties or goes ahead, visitors will bat.

13.  Tie games will stand as played.

14.  Mercy Rule: If team is ahead by 10 runs after trailing team has batted 6 times the game is over.

Pitcher’s Face Mask

SSUSA 2014 Playing Rules Amendment.


Pitchers are required to wear a protective face mask while pitching.

Pitchers are encouraged but not required to wear additional protective safety equipment, comprised of heart/chest protection and shin guards. If a team pitcher refuses to wear a pitcher’s mask the team will forfeit the game.


No banned bats (see ASA banned bat list) will be allowed during Coed League play.

Team Duties and Responsibilities:


B.  Umpires for each game will be provided by the Coed League

C.  Each team will provide a scoreboard operator.

1. Home team of game scoreboard operator for first game.

2. Visitors of first and second games provide scoreboard operators for subsequent games.

D.  Last game: HOME TEAM SECURES FIELD, stores equipment, locks shed and clubhouse.

Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

A.  Managers must file incident reports for any player injuries.

B.  All managers (or their Representative) must attend all Coed League Manager meetings.

C.  All managers must arrange for score sheets for each game and submit a copy to Committee member for statistical compilation.

D.  Managers are responsible for distribution and collection of uniform shirts for each session.


A.  Are co-mingled and play at SCW Liberty Field

B.  Prior to a team assignment all un-rated players must attend 1 - 2 Green Team sessions unless otherwise specified by the Coed League Committee

C.  Game Rosters (will show the rating of each player)

D.  Women may not bat back-to-back.

E.   If team strength is 11, but the 3-female minimum can't be met, the team must play with 10. An OUT is recorded for each missed at-bat.

F.   All players must play 5 innings by the end of the 6th inning. All women on roster must play all innings.

G.  Open to all male and female Central, National League, and 70 League qualified players.

H.  There will be no penalty against a player who quits, is asked to leave by a manager, transfers or is traded.

I.   There must be a minimum of three female players on field at all times.

J.  Batting line-up must alternate males and females until all women have batted at which time two males may bat in succession.


A.  Eligible only from (1) Coed Sub List, (2) Placement List or (3) other Coed teams.

B.  May bat anywhere in the lineup.

C.  Male and/or Female substitutes may replace absent players regardless of gender provided they are B or C rated.   

D.  Rating, must be equal or lower rating

E.  Roster Players (including bye team if applicable) and sub players may play 3 times per week.

F   Pitchers may be substituted regardless of rating.


A.  Only a manager may appeal a call to the umpire. An umpires call is final.

B.  Judgment calls such as balls and strikes, runner out or safe, and fair or foul balls, are not grounds for appeal.

C.  Interpretation of the rules will be the only grounds for protest and will be settled on the field between the umpires and the two managers and a Coed League Committee member if present.

D.  Managers must appeal other violations such as ineligible sub or runner, runner missing a bag, interference, and batting out of order to the home plate umpire. Any situation where a rule is not covered in the existing Coed League rules the two managers and umpire must agree on an ultimate decision.


A.  An umpire or Coed League Committee member may eject a player who threatens or uses abusive language directly toward an umpire, player, or spectator. 

B.  The umpire or Coed League Committee member ejecting a player must submit a written report to the Coed League Committee Chairperson within 24 hours. 

C.  An ejected player must leave the field /softball complex immediately.

D.  An ejected player is automatically suspended from playing in any further games until the Coed Committee reviews the incident and determines a sanction.

E.  If player refuses to leave the field /softball complex the player will be suspended for a minimum two or more games depending on the sanction imposed by Coed League Committee.

F.  Should a player attack an umpire, player, or spectator, the Coed League Committee will suspend the player from further play pending a decision on disciplinary action. The Sun Cities Senior Softball Board shall review the incident and the recommended Coed League Committee action for a final decision.

G.  Grievance – Should a player disagree with the decision of the Coed League Committee they have right of appeal to the Sun Cities Senior Softball Board President.

Duties and Responsibilities of Players:

 A.  Absentees

1. Managing a team is a difficult job requiring the cooperation of all team members. This includes field positions assigned by the manager for the game.  If you are going to be late, or miss a game, notify your manager well ahead of time. Arrive at the field a half - hour before game time to loosen up properly and thus avoid unnecessary muscle injuries.

2. A player who misses five (5) games per session will be replaced with a sub pool player of equal rating and they will be placed in the sub pool. If the manager wishes, they may replace the player with a lower rated player from the sub pool. If a lower rated player is chosen their rating will be elevated for the remainder of the session consistent with that of the player they are replacing. This condition will also apply to players arriving after the first four (4) games of the season.

a. Exception: Managers are exempt from five absentees rule.

b. Exception: Draft Box Pitchers or replacement pitchers for the draft box pitcher during the session are exempt from the five absentee’s rules.

Sub Pool;

A.  The Sub pool is intended for players requesting to be placed in the sub pool, new players (green team), players returning after five (5) absences, and players arriving after the first four (4) games of the season.

B.  Managers may request replacement players as follows:

1.The manager must contact the Coed League Committee person Immediately “after” the player has a fifth absence. (A bye or rainout does not count as a missed game) 

2. The committee member reviews concurs on the sequence of loss in case more than one manager needs a replacement player. The sequence for manager selection would be determined by the actual game date and game time the player missed a fifth game. If these two factors were identical, managers would flip a coin to determine the order of selection.

3. The Coed League Committee member will inform the manager about all new player assignments.

C.  Uniforms:

A.  The clubs furnish pants, shorts, jerseys, and caps/women's visors.  Articles of uniforms are for league or club play only and are not to be used for non-league/club activities.  Alterations are not permitted except for temporary "tucks" for fit.  Any permanent alterations will result in a charge to the player.  Caps/visors, pants, and shorts will be replaced on an exchange basis only, if worn out or damaged by play.  All articles of uniform are the property of the club.  Any player who resigns his membership must return jersey's pants, and shorts.

B.  In support of our sponsors a full league - issued uniform consisting of cap/visor, pants, shorts, and team jersey must be worn so the sponsor's name is clearly visible and shirttails tucked in.  With the exception of the umpires, all players, coaches, and managers must wear their league issued uniforms.  In case of cold or inclement weather, additional clothing will be allowed.

C.  Players will not be allowed to play unless dressed in their properly worn, league issued uniforms.  However, players will be given one warning by the umpire to immediately fix the uniform problem or be removed from the game.  The team will be charged with an out each time the player would have to bat.  The team will continue to play minus the removed player.  The respective Coed League Committee member will be notified of repeated offenses and be dealt with accordingly. This rule is for the benefit of the sponsor, for proper newspaper/team pictures and for the professionalism of the SCS.