FEBRUARY 12, 2018


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The Press:  “I said. ‘So, Michael, can one man defeat the Lakers in this series?’  To which Jordan replied, ‘No because we’re playing the Celtics tonight, Pat.’”  Sportscaster Pat O’Brien interviewing Michael Jordan…  “It’s expected he’ll be given two choices for his punishment – either a year in jail or six months announcing Clipper games.”  Jay Leno, on broadcaster Marv Albert


Sun Dome Plaza - 14     Camino Eye Care - 10   

This was a big win for Sun Dome Plaza as they score four in the seventh to break a tie and best Camino Eye Care.  Dave Price paced the victors with four hits to include a double plus three RBI.  Ronnie Guest, Rich Duval (double), sub Buster Dickinson (two doubles, three RBI), Tom Turner and manager Dave Ryg stroked three base hits apiece for Sun Dome.  Mark Kisala was 4/4 to lead Camino.  Manager Jim Kreidler and John Skubic laced three pops apiece for the eye poppers.  Glen Ouchida tripled and Ky Slickers doubled and drove in four runs for Camino Eye care. 

Hayden Flooring - 16    Paul Tone Insurance - 10

The second game of the day was a convincing win for Hayden Flooring as they handled Paul Tone Insurance with four four-run innings.  Vernell King (two doubles), sub Dave Price (triple), Dan Ploeg (three RBI), Steve Sanderson and Joe Ezzo (double) hit safely three times each for the winners.  Ernie Kassian doubled for Hayden.  Jim Linzmeier sparked Paul Tone with four knocks.  Steve Ibey, Dave Burton (double) and Bob Leisten added three pops apiece for the insurance boys.  Larry Benjamin tripled and Scott Mitchell doubled and plated three batters for Paul Tone Insurance.   

Sun City Mechanical - 10    Ryan’s TD Sports - 3

Two four-run innings is all it took for Sun City Mechanical to dispose of Ryan’s TD Sports.  Lloyd Styrwoll (two doubles), sub Vernell King (double, two RBI) and Rick Bialock (double) had three bingos each for Sun City.  Five Ryan’s players had two hits apiece and Pete Kaeding with the only extra base hit – a double as Ryan’s was outhit 13-21.


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Canyon State Air - 13    Cooler Tymes - 8

The lead in this contest was early and Canyon State Air made it hold as they won going away.  Dan Mellon (triple) had four pops followed by three base hits from Ron Barsness (two doubles) and Wayne Haddy (three RBI) for Canyon State Air.  Jim Hyatt homered and Gary Rose doubled and drove in three runners for Canyon State.  Sub Judy White (double) and Cash Franklin stroked three ‘safeties’ for Cooler Tymes.  Ben Van Cleave, Mike Rigsby and Larry Doukas (three RBI) all had two base hits for the air conditioners who were outhit 16-25.

Daily News-Sun - 13     Wanderlust Travel - 12

It was three four-run innings that drove Daily News-Sun to a squeaker over Wanderlust Travel by one run.  Jim Granucci (three RBI), manager Jim Smith, Jim Sanders (double) and Bob Gosden sliced three bingos apiece for the winners.  Brian Krewson doubled twice and drove in three runners for Daily News-Sun.  Tom Dorraugh (double) and sub Ben Van Cleave (three RBI) were 4/4 for Wanderlust Travel.  John McFarland, sub Ralph Benjamin and Stewart Richline (triple, double) stroked three pops apiece for the travelers.  Glenn Seeley doubled and plated three batters for Wanderlust.  Ralph Benjamin’s diving-rolling catch in right field of Tim Heenan’s fly ball will be on ESPN’s highlite reel tonight at 9:00PM. 

Desert Rose - 10    AZ Smiles Dentistry - 9

It was a good comeback for Desert Rose as they maintain a hold on second place in the league.  Dan Frank (double) and Bob Powles garnered four base hits each for the victors.  Mick Conway, Dan Kindler and Ralph Benjamin (double) had three apiece for Desert Rose.  Greg Bronner and Gary Willis added doubles to the cement men’s twenty-seven hit total.  AZ Smiles was paced by three pops from Bob Ottum (double) and sub Glenn Seeley (double).  Terry Zellers and sub Trevor Cornett lined doubles for the tooth pullers and Cornett, Ottum, Zellers and Joel Martineau had two RBI’s each for AZ Smiles Dentistry. 


Short Laughs – UK:  Paddy & Mick stagger out of the zoo with blood pouring from them.  “Bollocks to that” said Paddy.  That’s the last time I go lion dancing.”  Paddy says to Mick, “Christmas is on Friday this year”.  Mick said, “Let’s hope that it’s not the 13th then.”  A mummy covered in chocolate and nut has been discovered in Egypt.  Archaeologists believe it may be Pharaoh Rocher….


1 HAYDEN  8 1   0.889 0   
2 DESERT ROSE 7 2   0.778 -1   
3 DAILY NEWS 6 3   0.667 -2   
3 SUN CITY ME 6 3   0.667 -2   
4 WANDERLUST 5 4   0.556 -3   
4 PAUL TONE 5 4   0.556 -3   
4 CANYON STATE 5 4   0.556 -3   
7 CAMINO 4 5   0.444 -4   
8 RYAN'S TD  3 6   0.333 -5   
9 COOLER TYME 2 7   0.222 -6   
9 SUN DOME 2 7   0.222 -6   
11 AZ SMILES 1 8   0.111 -7