October 29, 2018

By George Asan




“There have been only two geniuses in the world.  Willie Mays and Willie Shakespeare.”   Tallulah Bankhead ……“Baseball?  It’s just a game – as simple as a ball and bat.  Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes.  It’s a sport, business –and sometimes even religion.”    Ernie Harwell, Sports Writer, 1955


Daily News Sun - 16     Saini Smiles - 10   

It took four four-run innings to cement this contest led by four hits from Larry Lienemann (two doubles, three RBI) and Wayne Haddy (double, three RBI).  Jim Linzmeier (double), Ted McVay and Tom Tripp contributed three pops apiece as a part of the twenty-six hit barrage from Daily News Sun.  Rick Bialock doubled for the winners.  Bill Conner (double, two RBI) paced Saini Smiles with four bingos followed by three hits from Fred Matthew (double) and Tom Turner (double).  Stewart Richline and Eliut Gonzales plated two batters for the teeth pullers. 

Canyon State Air - 17    Sun Dome Plaza - 10 

The nine runs in the last two innings of this tilt determined the end result as Canyon State Air remains undefeated in the league.  Ralph Benjamin and Jesse Nelson (double, three RBI) were on board safely four times each for the victors.  Steve Ibey, manager Mick Conway (double), Moose Mantha, Doug Center, Gary Krause (three RBI) and Bill Fife had three safeties apiece.  CSA benefitted from six free passes.  Dan Kindler, sub Stewart Richline (triple, two RBI) and Tom Dellopoulos (double) garnered three hits each for Sun Dome Plaza.  Gene Boettcher tripled and drove in three runs for The Dome.  Gary Scapito had two RBI’s for Sun Dome who were outhit 21-32.. 

Western Bank - 5     Camino Eye Care - 0   

Stellar defense and a four-run inning was all that Western bank needed to defeat Camino Eye Care.  Manager Larry Reed was 3/3 followed by two hits from Randy Earp, sub Ralph Benjamin, Ky Slickers and Larry Thorson (triple, two runs).  Ron Fuller, Jim Keinath, Ken Skinner and John McGuire poked two pops each for Camino.  John McGuire dazzled everyone with a super catch in right center.




Cooler Tymes - 13    Paul Tone Insurance - 11

Scoring early and often helped Cooler Tymes sustain their lead a win by two to remain undefeated.  Bill Vonasch stroked four singles to spearhead the Cooler Tyme attack.  Jim Sanders, manager Scott Mitchell, Trevor Cornett (double) and Larry Benjamin (three RBI) had three pops each for the winners.  Dave Price doubled twice and sub Jim Kreidler doubled and drove in three runs for CT.  Lloyd Styrwoll laced four singles and six teammates rapped two bingos apiece with Mike Sendlebach doubling and driving in four runs for Paul Tone.    

Big O Tire - 13    Encore Floor - 9 

Big O scored in all of their at-bats to comfortably defeat Encore Floor by four runs.  Ron Johnson popped four singles to pace Big O followed by three safeties from Ronnie Guest (double), Paul Felice (triple), Frank Faciano (triple, three RBI) and Steve Engels (double, three RBI).  John McFarland, Jim Mayo (double, three RBI) and Tom Corey stroked three pops apiece for Encore Floor.  The floor layers had doubles from sub Art Barr, Ted Johnson and Case Grintjes.

Sun City Mechanical - 15    Desert Rose - 2

This game was over early and ended being a mercy rule victory for Sun City Mechanical.  Ken Hill (triple, three runs) and Buster Dickinson (triple, two RBI) led the air boys with three hits each.  Six teammates had two pops each and five players had two runs batted in apiece.  Rich Duval (double, triple) and Christine Lynch (double) provided some of the extra base hits for SCM.  Sub Steve Engels (double) led Desert Rose with three safeties.  Dan Frank, manager Dennis Christenson and John Suelmann popped two singles apiece for Desert Rose.

Fun Smiles:  Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.  (If you’re ambidextrous, do you split the difference?)…..Polar bears are left-handed.  (If they switch, they’ll live a lot longer.)…..Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.  (Okay, so that would be a good thing)


PLACE 2018 Fall WIN LOSS Tie % GB
1 CANYON STATE 3     1.000 0   
1 COOLER TYMES 3     1.000 0   
3 CAMINO EYE 2 1   0.667 -1   
3 BIG O TIRES 2 1   0.667 -1   
3 DAILY NEWS 2 1   0.667 -1   
3 SUN CITY MECH 2 1   0.667 -1   
3 WEST. BANK 2 1   0.667 -1   
8 PAUL TONE 1 2   0.333 -2   
8 SUN DOME 1 2   0.333 -2   
10 DESERT ROSE   3   0.000 -3   
10 SAINI SMILES   3   0.000 -3   
10 ENCORE FLOOR   3   0.000 -3