Central League Committee Guidelines
              November 1, 2016 - revised


                        ­­A.  Central League Mission Statement

The Central League provides the opportunity to play senior softball and, at the same time, maintain a higher level of competition.  Participation is open to all qualified residents of Sun City and Sun City West.  The Central League consists of players of wide varying skill levels and playing abilities.

The objective of the Central League is to promote safe, organized play consistent with Central League rules and to maintain a high degree of sportsmanship, camaraderie and enjoyment.


B.  Central League Committee Mission Statement

The Central League Committee will act as the spokes group for the Central League.  They will supervise and control activities that are only related to the Central League.  They will provide leadership and direction for the league and maintain an effective line of communication between all persons and groups that are involved in the day to day operation of the Central League.


C.  Central League Structure

  • The Central League Committee will be comprised of seven (7) members, a Chairperson and six members. 
  • An assistant Chairperson, within the ranks of the six committee members, will be appointed by the Chairman.
  • Committee members must have at least three (3) years of senior softball experience, as a player, prior to appointment.
  • Appointment term limit is from two to three years.
  • Past members may be reappointed to the committee after being off the committee for one year.  Exception: If a committee member’s term is up and there is a unanimous vote to retain the member he/she may serve consecutive terms.
  • The Chairman will be selected by the six residing committee members.
  • The new Chairman does not have to be a current committee member.
  • Committee members who are unable to complete their term may be replaced by a new member who will finish serving the original committee member’s term. 
  • The replacement member must meet all prerequisites for being a Central League Committee member.
  • The Central League Committee reserves the right to add committee members as deemed necessary by the committee.


D.  Dispute and Discipline Resolution

  • Should the Central League Committee be unable to resolve an issue, that issue will be passed on to the two Club Presidents plus a 3rd party to reach a resolution to the problem.
  • If either Club Board has a disagreement with Central League Committee, a meeting should be scheduled for further discussion with the Club President and members of the respective committee.
  • Section II E of the Sun City West Club bylaws are to be followed regarding any disciplinary action.


E.  Central League Committee Functions and Duties 

  • Report committee activities to the Sun City West and Sun City club boards as required.
  • Conduct player surveys and collect player availability data as well as rate all players.
  • Determine the number of teams for each session and select players as per the player placement process.
  • Co-ordinate the draft and assign players to teams. 
  • Players are responsible for notifying Central League Committee of their availability. 
  • The CL Committee will not assign players arriving after the first four (4) games of the session, they will be placed in the sub pool and assigned accordingly by the Chair and assistant Chair.
  • Publish team rosters and schedules.
  • Assign returning and new players to teams after original team rosters are complete.
  • Establish, publish and enforce all rules including Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) Rules and Central League Rules. 
  • Recommend any rule changes to the Central League committee.  Prepare new rules for posting on the web.  Instruct all Central League Managers about new rule changes.
  • Select team managers as per the Central League manager selection process.  Define manager’s duties. (Section G)
  • Maintain an up-to-date Central League master player roster.
  • Provide information to the press and to Angels-In-The Outfield.
  • Schedule managers meetings to provide managers input.
  • Publish and post league information on bulletin boards and the web site.
  • Review incidents of player violations and disputes when necessary.
  • Implement disciplinary action and apprise Sun City West and Sun City Club Boards based upon SCW Club bylaws regarding discipline when appropriate.
  • Rate all active Central League players at or near the conclusion of the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions.  ( Players rated from 4 to 6)


F.  Individual Committee member responsibilities

  • Larry Reed – Chairperson of the Central League Committee, Manager Selection, Assign returning players and new players from the Green Team, data base and player evaluations.
  • Dan Burke – Umpire evaluation and supervision, Green Team, Review game day substitutes and player evaluations.
  • Jim Smith – Assistant Chairperson of the Central League Committee, Central League Rules, umpiring coordinator, review player violations / disputes, maintain yearly records, Green Team, score sheets and player evaluations.  
  • Tim Heenan - Scorekeeping evaluator, umpiring evaluator, Green Team, co-ordinate player surveys (date and time TBD), score sheets, Angels In-The-Outfield and player evaluations.
  • George Asan - Game day reporter, provide information to the press, score sheets, Green Team and player evaluations.
  • Wayne Haddy – score sheets, Green Team, secretary and player evaluations.
  • Jim Grannuci - Player evaluations, scoresheets, and Green Team.


G.  Team Manager Duties

  • Attend scheduled managers meetings.  Relay player concerns to the committee
  • Issue team jerseys at start of session and collect from players at the end of the session.
  • Make sure players wear proper uniforms and jerseys.
  • The Central League uses bat standards approved (ASA stamp) by the SCW Softball Club.  The Miken MSE Freak 100 is grandfathered to use.
  • Advise new players about the list of banned bats.
  • Appoint an assistant in the event you are absent.
  • Understand the rules of league play.
  • Make sure that players on your team understand and abide by the rules.
  • Complete your team line – up and obtain substitutes according to league rules.
  • Present line-up to scorekeeper and opposing manager.
  • Prepare the field for the first game…Home team.
  • Secure the field after the last game…Home team.
  • Review score sheets after games to assure accuracy and completeness.  Document the highlights of the game.
  • Report to the Angels-In-The Outfield all serious player injuries or hospitalization. 
  • It is the managers responsibility to fill out and file INCIDENT REPORTS and submit them to a CL committee member.
  • Report to the Central League Committee any player violations or incidents worthy of disciplinary action.
  • Notify your team players in the event of a cancellation or schedule change.
  • May collect dues and turn in to Sun City or Sun City West Treasurer.
  • Report any changes in player status to a Central League Committee member.


H.  Central League Committee Members

  • Larry Reed - Chairperson 3 yr term expires Dec 31, 2020
  • Dan Burke - 3 yr term expires Dec 31, 2018
  • Jim Smith – Assitant Chairperson 3 yr term expires Dec 31, 2019
  • Judy Christ - 2 yr term expires Dec 31, 2019
  • Wayne Haddy - 2 yr term expires Dec 31, 2017 (1 Oct 2017)
  • Tim Heenan - term expires Dec 31, 2018
  • Jim Granucci – 3 yr term expires Dec 31, 2018