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History and Statement of Purpose

Angels in the Outfield : Organized March 17, 2001

"Once upon a time...." Well, isn't that the way fairy tales begin? Many of us feel we are being given the opportunity to live out a fairy tale as a result of our move here and being able to live out our dreams. However, incidents occur that quickly bring us back to reality, as happened with the sudden passing of player Al Pratt on the field. Spectators, wives and players had long thought, "There must be something we can do?"

Angels in the Outfield was the brainchild of Dick Lemoine, a Board member at the time, and a player. The intent of this newly formed group was to do something appropriate for a softball club member or a spouse when a special need arose. Dick turned to Nancy Durrer and Ida Aprea and asked them to organize a group of "Angels" to reach out to those in need. Nancy contacted Joyce Fano and Gail Stouthamer and asked them to join in this new endeavor. Nancy became chairperson, Joyce the Treasurer, Gail the Secretary and Ida the contact person.

One of their first goals was to find a way to bring accurate and current information to the players about their teammates. A letterhead was designed and as information was received and verified, it was passed along to Gail to format into a notice. As a result, notices regarding the status of players were posted on the bulletin boards at both fields. After information was gathered, it was relayed to Ida who would send out appropriate cards to the players. Eloise Gault made many of the cards while Gail used the computer for others. The job of sending cards has been handled by numerous Angels over the years.

How to assist a spouse when a player passes on was the catalyst for starting Angels and also had to be addressed. First was to be the outreach to assist with any immediate need. It was also decided that a $50.00 memorial donation would be made to a charity or fund of the family's choice.

With this accomplished, the Angels then had to find a way to fund whatever they were going to do. The very first fund raiser was accomplished when refreshments were sold at a tournament. Through donations and bake sales, we were able to meet all of our needs. Angels in the Outfield relied on volunteers and donations to meet their obligations.

Later Joyce Fano and Linda Graham became the Co-Chairs of the Angels and added new ideas. Ken Skinner designed and published a new web site for Angels in the Outfield. Bob Renberg serves as the "honorary chaplain" for our players and families in times of need. Currently, the Angels also receive funds from the sale of SCW baseball caps.

On May 10, 2011 SCW President Dick Lemoine appointed Kay Williams as Chairman of the Angels in the Outfield. Kay is seeking volunteers from the American and National Leagues to provide information, make phone calls, assist with occasional fund raisers and help with sending cards. Please join us in reaching out to those in our extended softball family when they need their friends.

The purpose of the Angels in the Outfield is to support the league members by:

Collecting and verifying information regarding health issues or status of players or their family members

Sending cards

Posting notices (with approval) to accurately communicate with other team members

Holding fund raising events

Collecting Toys for Kids

Acting as Good Will Ambassadors for the Sun Cities Senior Softball Association.