16 February 2018

                                                                                      By Kevin Bruns


                                                            Today's weather in Sun City :69 and cloudy

                                                                                       Toronto: 26 and clear

                                                                                        Winnipeg: 16 and cloudy

                                                                                        Prince George: 29                         


A few notes from today's games: Cool Touch has all but wrapped up the championship. They have answered the call in

every game this season. It will be tough for anyone to catch them without Russian interference. Secondly, there were

only 13 extra base hits in the games today. Pinnacle had 4 of them.


                                                              Holyoak DDS 12      Liberty Buick 4

I had such high hopes for the Buicks. They were finally scoring runs, but getting no wins. They slid backwards today.

They were even after 3, but the Dentists got serious after that point, scoring 9 in their final 3 innings.

3 Hits: McAdams, Millan, Robins, Adams

4 Hits: Wiebold

Triples: Millan


                                                              Cool Touch 8   Desert Golf Cars 6

Our second "Game of the Year" was all Coolers through 6 as it was 8-0. In the evil 7th, however, the Cars put together 8

hits, scoring 6, with the tying runs on when it ended. They did have some great chances ealier in the game, but those

were squandered.

3 Hits: Roth

4 Hits: Kuhn

Doubles: Twelves, F Calloway


                                                               Edward Jones 7    Peoria VW 5

The Jones Boys jumped out to a 7-0 lead after 5, then fell asleep as the Bugs scattered 5 runs in the final 3 innings.

3 Hits: Staudt, McAdams, Roth, Navarro


                                                               Big O Tires 11   Arvid and Kay Realtors 1

The Realtors got their run in the 1st, then went to get beer. They had only 7 hits in this mercy rule game.

3 Hits: Wright

4 Hits: Starr


                                                                Fullerton Pinacle 17   Albrecht and Sons 6

The last 4 hitters in the Apex's line-up went 11/12 as they rolled in this mercy rule game.

3 Hits: Braddock, Morales, McIntosh, Rowe, Laufer, Hamilton

Doubles: Montgomery, Braddock, Mcleod(2), Laufer


                                                                 Camino Del Sol 13     Rosies 12

Pretty good game. 8 lead changes highlighted this extra inning affair. Camino pushed one across in the bottom

of the 8th on a walk off hit by Dan Braddock. The score sheet was a bit confusing, so if your hits are incorrect,

not my fault.

3 Hits: Zelhofer, C Mulkins, Peterson, Zeman, Starr, Wright

4 Hits: Reynolds, Braddock

5 Hits: O'Leary

Doubles: Reynolds, Zelhofer, Merrill, Starr

Triples: R Staub










Cool Touch 10 0   1.000
Desert Golf Cars 7 3   .700
Edward Jones 7 3   .700
Fullerton Pinnacle 6 3 1 .650
Holyoak DDS 5 4 1 .550
Big O Tires 5 4 1 .550
Albrecht and Sons 4 5 1 .450
Peoria VW 3 6 1 .350
Arvid and Kay Realtors 3 6 1 .350
Rosies 2 6 .300
Camino Del Sol 3 7   .300
Liberty Buick 1 9   .100

HOMERUN DERBY (includes inside park)

6) Rachau

3) Braddock, Coutts, Navarro

2) Hamilton

1) Shipe, J Bianchi, Tyler, Millan, Hull, Vanmeter, F Calloway