6 April 2018

                                                                            By Kevin Bruns

Congratulations to Cool Touch and Fullerton Pinnacle for their co-championship. Both are worthy winners. In the fall, we will do it all again.

  If you are traveling for the summer, be safe, enjoy the grand kids, and we'll see you back in November.


                                                               Desert Golf Cars 13   Edward Jones 7

This game was basically for 3rd place. 5-4 Cars after 3, but they added 4 spots in the 4th and 5th to ice it. Both teams had

remarkable seasons.

3 Hits: Roth, Kvarnberg, Kachorsky, Kuhn, Baldwin

4 Hits: Rada

3 Walks: G Mulkins

Doubles: Kvarnberg, Kachorsky, G Mulkins, Slock

Triples: Rada, Baldwin


                                                             Holyoak DDS 9    Camino Del Sol 0

Way to finish strong, Camino. You managed 6 hits all day. The Dentists put this away in the first with a 4 spot. The rest

was icing. Camino's effort gained them a tie for the cellar.

3 Hits: Rada

Doubles: Millan, Reynolds

Triples: Holub


                                                             Liberty Buick 15       Big O Tires 11

The Buicks finally stepped up today, scoring in every inning. They took the lead in the 4th and never looked back.

3 Hits: Missos, Hollen, Grunwaldt, Bentley

4 Hits: Montgomery, J Calloway, Adams, Braddock, Roark

5 Hits: Starr

Doubles: Hollen, Rodriguez, Braddock(2), Grunwaldt, Willie


                                                             Albrecht & Sons 10    Rosies 7

A hard fought battle the entire way. The Remodelers put up 4 in the 6th for the difference.

3 Hits: Starr, Merrill, Wright, Navarro, Rodriguez

4 Hits: Hamilton

Doubles: L Alexander, Ernst, Hamilton(2), Navarro

Triples: Krough, Rod Staeb


                                                              Peoria VW 15     Arvid & Kay Realtors 12

Both teams came out with their big boy bats. 14-12 after the 4th. Everything slowed down after that.

3 Hits: Hamilton, Rick Staeb, Bartholomaus, Macleod, Bubb

4 Hits: Zelhofer, Haarbauer

Doubles: Piazza, Bubb


                                                              Pinnacle Fullerton 13   Cool Touch 8

Our feature game was a bit anticlimatic as the Apex led 10-2 after the 4th. They coasted the rest of the way.

3 Hits: Tyler, Nett

Doubles: Scrivnor, Tyler(3), Morales, McIntosh





































Cool Touch 18 6   .750
Fullerton Pinnacle 17 5 2 .750
Desert Golf Cars 17 7   .708
Edward Jones 16 7 1 .687
Holyoak DDS 13 9 2 .583
Big O Tires 11 12 1 .479
Arvid and Kay Realtors 10 13 1 .437
Rosies 9 13 2 .416
Peoria VW 9 14 1 .395
Albrecht and Sons 8 14 2 .375
Lberty Buick 5 19   .298
Camino Del Sol 5  19   .208

HOMERUN DERBY (includes inside park)

17) Coutts

14) Rachau

7) F Calloway, Braddock

4) Navarro

4) Hilton

2) Hamilton, Millan, Reynolds, Tyler, Starr, McAdams

1) Shipe, J Bianchi, Hull, Vanmeter, Chapin, Piazza, J Calloway, Wiebold, Hower, Strueby

    Bartholomaus, Kvarnberg, Rodriguez, Miller